You can help us in the kitchen and learn how to cook the traditional dishes from Salento.

In the XII century’s tower, we cook together in the specially-equipped kitchen to share a pleasant moment of conviviality and let everyone: men, women, adults and children become a “Top Chef” for one day. You will learn how to make the famous orecchiette, the minchiareddhi and the sagne ncannulate according to a simple but fundamental technique that make those pasta irresistible.

With the cooking lessons, you’ll learn about flours and natural yeasts but also you’ll understand how those ingredients make the dough rise. At our Culinary School, you can make, stretch and season your own pizza or focaccias following the best local traditions.

Traditional Salentina diet is rich in vegetables, grain legumes and wheat-based products (pasta, bread, focaccias, etc.) all topped with extra virgin olive oil. It’s a typical Mediterranean cuisine, wellknown for its healthy properties.

Getting to know tastes and flavours also means to understand usages and customs of people and therefore learning something that will last longer than your holiday in this beautiful and rich Salento land.

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