The Agriturismo Masseria Gianferrante is certified organic.

Our horses and donkey, which graze among the olive trees, supply the land with excellent fertilizer while keeping the grass down.

We track down and grow the seeds of local varieties which would otherwise be lost.

Our extra virgin olive oil is made from Oliarola and Cellina olives. These are a local variety. We harvest them from the trees and they are cold pressed.

We produce table olives, steeped in brine with essential oils from the macchia to give them a particular fragrance and taste.

Our three different varieties of tomatoes – Leccese, Racalino and Morciano – are, as in the past, grown ‘dry’, without watering, so that our tomato sauce and dried tomatoes have the taste of the sun.

We grow chic peas, beans, broad beans and cicerchia and the wheat variety ‘Senatore Cappelli’.

From our fruit trees we make the jams and marmalades our guests enjoy for breakfast.

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