Some notes and photos show the restoration and conservation of the 12th century tower carried out during 2007-08.

The restoration works on the external facade of the tower involved:

  • A general overhaul consistent with the inspection of the state of conservation of the stone and removal of ‘extraneous’ elements in order to safeguard the integrity of the stonework;
  • Pointing & consolidation with a mixture similar to the stone to preserve the natural look;
  • Touch ups for the areas of stonework most eroded or the parts that during restructuring in the ’80s were plastered with less than ideal material;
  • Reconstruction of part of the cornice on the east side, and substitution with a sandstone cornice, in one case partial and in another total, of two corbels on the east side;
  • Consolidation of the corbel on the northeast corner using kingpins and resin.
  • Important works were also carried out inside the Tower to recuperate the old basalt floor tiles and the channel and cistern for collecting rainwater.

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