Salento, a journey of the senses

The Gianferrante farm is a piece of Salento history, a fortified farm from whose tower you can see the sea - just 3.5 km away - whose dry stone walls are a filter, between the olive groves that surround it and the experiential gardens of Yvonne and Antonio.

Our Agriturismo is bio-sustainable, because for us the pleasure of the senses passes through respect for nature. We grow vegetables and trees with organic methods with the same passion with which we take care of our gardens, of the dry stone walls rebuilt according to ancient wisdom, of the recycling of the waters that feed our plants.
With a natural pace and with the same simplicity we welcome guests

  • we cultivate biodiversity
  • we apply good water and energy saving practices
  • we adhere to the 'Zero Waste Strategy
  • we plant trees

Our Accommodations

The masseria is a small world where the harmonious balance between the old architecture, the gardens with the bio-lake, the vegetable gardens and the animals is the same as in each of the lodgings.

  • No TV, but books to exchange
  • The furniture is plastic free, many of it handcrafted as unique pieces.
  • Cleaning detergents are eco-friendly
  • It is easy to separate waste
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Fully equipped kitchenette
Outdoor space with pergola
Private bathroom with shower
Air conditioning
Indoor parking

The Masseria, with its 12th-century tower

The Privilege of Living History

Mamma li Turchi!' is an expression that comes from the mists of time, because the Salento has always been a land of invasions, incursions and the passage of ethnic groups. There are traces of this in the architecture, language, cuisine and faces.The Masseria Gianferrante - an architectural memory of this past time - keeps faith with its primary use, since it houses a biosustainable farm. Its Norman Tower is no longer a place to defend yourself.It is a place where you have the privilege of living history, surrounded by the scents of gardens, orchards, Mediterranean scrub and the sea, which is not far away.

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Our Masseria