A Dream, the South, Friendship

In 2004, Yvonne and Antonio began work on transforming the Masseria. The project was born out of a deep understanding with the architect Filippo Piva (Studio Pampa), a long-time friend, and is based on the principles of simplicity, organicity and eco-sustainability.The intention is to ensure that the two main activities - the farm and the hospitality - can be well harmonised in this ancient workplace and with a defensive tower dating back to 1200. Great importance is given to the design of the green areas - the gardens of the elements, the vegetable garden, the citrus grove and orchard, the bio-lake - and to the correct management of water, aware of being in a place where water is a precious commodity.A life project that allows everyone to apply themselves in their own field.

Yvonne, an agronomist, is in charge of the farm, at first transforming it from conventional to organic and, later, to organic-regenerative, using natural products to care for the olive trees and eliminating the use of chemicals.Antonio, a craftsman-artist, supervised the restoration of the tower, the transformation of the farm buildings into comfortable accommodation surrounded by greenery, the creation of the garden and the furnishing of the accommodation.