The Garden and the Natural pool

The current appearance of the Masseria Gianferrante is due to the vision of landscape architect Filippo Piva. An organic vision, where the vegetable garden, the gardens and the natural pool form a harmonious whole enclosed by the ancient walls.

Relaxing in the natural pool

The bio-lake is a green oasis where water and plants together achieve perfect harmony with the rest of the landscape.You can bathe in the water made fresh by purification through aquatic plants and a specific technical system, without the use of chemicals such as chlorine.You can stop under the pergola to enjoy the coolness and the view of a mirror of water, full of water lilies and other aquatic plants.

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The Garden of Elements

An initial enclosure of high dry-stone walls encloses the first courtyard of the farmhouse, which develops all around the watchtower, where the theme of the luxuriant, lush garden is preserved as if inside a precious stone casket that cannot be perceived from the outside, as in some Arab gardens, small paradises on earth.
The four gardens that make up the inner courtyard of the farm develop their relationship with the Elements and take their characteristics from them:

Wind Garden
The Fire Garden
The Water Garden
Earth Garden

Citrus and Orchard

The citrus grove - where lemons, bitter and sweet oranges, citrons, chinottos, bergamots, kumquats and mandarins grow luxuriantly - surrounds the guest rooms.The path through the citrus grove is completely pergola-covered, covered with the foliage of jasmine (Jasminum officinale) and solanum (Solanumjasminoides), inviting guests to take pleasant breaks in the shade, immersed in the scents of citrus fruits and jasmine.

The orchard is also rich in different and traditional varieties, such as the San Giovanni apple, the Galatina apricot, the Ferrovia cherry, the "fica casciteddha", almond trees, tabacchine peaches, medlar trees, mulberries and persimmons, offering fresh fruit from spring to autumn.

The Vegetable Garden

The Kitchen Garden was also conceived as a garden, always different, depending on the season, says landscape architect Filippo Piva:

Through an old door reopened in the first circle of walls of the fortified farmhouse, one enters this large open-air room, located between the dry-stone fence of the old sheepfold and the citrus grove, where the vegetable garden has been created.

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The virtuous water cycle

To crown this agricultural and tourism sustainability project, all the waste water produced by the farmhouse is purified using a phyto-purification plant (vertical sub-surface flow system), which allows the recovery of most of the water used for irrigation of the garden, creating a virtuous water-saving closed cycle.

The phyto-purification plant hosts on its surface a rich variety of plants that change according to the seasons.

More than a thousand words, the images of the documentary made by Peter Podjavorsek (ARTE') on the Masseria Gianferrante are worth it.Yvonne and Antonio, walking through the gardens and the vegetable garden, describe the vision of landscape architect Filippo Piva's green project.

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