The Oil, as told by Yvonne

Oil is simply the product of the pressing of a fruit and, unlike wine, it cannot be 'adjusted', so it is essential that every step leading to the final product is very careful.It starts with the field, which is fertilised exclusively with natural products, compost and manure. Grass and pruning remains are chopped up to ensure an additional supply of organic matter. Treatments are made with self-produced compost tea and micro-organisms. Chemistry is forbidden!The trees are 8 metres apart to ensure that each tree has its own living space. Ours is an olive grove immersed in biodiversity where, in addition to olive trees, there are also almond, apricot and forest trees that attract useful insects and birds. All this creates an ecosystem that has its own natural balance, according to Permaculture practices.Pruning is done by Antonio, every year, and is done in a polyconic vase to ensure good aeration of the foliage and therefore a healthier tree. The harvest is staggered, as the Leccino, Ogliarola and Picholine cultivars ripen at different times, but we never go beyond mid-November. Most of the olives are picked by hand, so as not to damage the tree and the olives are delivered to the organic mill the same day.