Salento, a journey of the senses

The people here have the colour of the sea, the gait of a wave, the heart in their eyes, a bluish body. Antonio Verri

Foto Ada Martella

In our opinion, the best way to discover the Salento is to get lost.Taking a country lane bordered by dry stone walls, leaving the sea behind and entering the bush.Wandering from one village to another, stopping to admire the old town centres, which are often festively decorated with illuminations to honour the patron saint.

Foto Ada Martella
Surrounded by two seas we are at the end of the land.

Masseria Gianferrante is just a few kilometres from the Ionian Sea - long beaches, dunes and Mediterranean scrub - and a few more from the Adriatic - sheer cliffs, caves and wild nature.Depending on the prevailing winds, you can choose the right side for swimming or excursions with the sea in sight: on the Ionian with the Tramontana and on the Adriatic with the Scirocco.

To discover the Salento we place you in expert hands. Associations of Sailors, Mountaineers, Archaeologists, Historians, Nature Guides - all friends of Masseria Gianferrante - with whom you can discover from different points of view a land rich in natural beauty, history and art.

Salento Verticale
Climbing, trekking, kayaking, canoeing, diving, snorkelling: all outdoor activities for adventure lovers

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Il Gabbiere
Observing the finibus terrae from a sailing boat, circumnavigating the Salento: the two seas, the watchtowers, the bays, the lighthouses, the seaside towns, an offshore swim
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Getting to know history, even the most remote, through a series of thematic itineraries: goths inhabited since the Neolithic, Messapian sites, Basilian crypts, ancient pilgrimage routes, and so on...
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Salento Bicitour
Il Salento è terra ideale per esplorarla in bici, dalla campagna al mare, passando per i paesi ricchi di storia

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Virtuous events: The Green Night of Castiglione d'Otranto

A network of small local producers is being created - of which Masseria Gianferrante is a part - who are the guardians of the 'seeds of their grandparents', i.e. horticulturists committed to safeguarding the biodiversity of traditional Apulian horticultural species (

Among these is the Casa delle Agriculture association and cooperative in Castiglione d'Otranto, a true pioneer in promoting, cultivating and disseminating ancient seeds.

We invite you to visit its precious 'creatures': the Mulino di Comunità and the Notte Verde (Green Night), an event held every year at the end of summer where all the biodiversity producers of Salento and beyond find a home, concerts, shows and conferences on the subject.