The bio-lake

The bio-lake is a natural system that not only invites you to bathe, but also to rest and meditate. It is a place where you can smell the scent of water plants and observe butterflies, dragonflies, swallows and other animals that live there. It is a dynamic environment that varies with time and the seasons, in harmony with the nature that surrounds it, throughout the year.Masseria Gianferrante's bio-lake was created by transforming an old, pre-existing swimming pool, which was divided into four distinct areas, two for water purification, with pebbles and aquatic plants, one for bathing children and one for bathing adults.There is also a pergola where you can enjoy the view of the biolago and the surrounding garden in the shade, and if you look up you can see the surrounding countryside and the sea in the background. You can enjoy moments of absolute relaxation or pleasant reading accompanied by a good book that you can find in your accommodation.The plants have been selected to make the most of their biological properties and to guarantee the balance of the system. They have been positioned according to the characteristics of each species, the climatic conditions and the size and use of the plant, to ensure the functionality of the biolago and to provide wonderful blooms from spring to autumn.The design of the biolago is by landscape architect Filippo Piva (Studio Pampa), the construction of the plants by Officine Marchesi, the creation of the aquatic greenery by Vera Luciani (lucianibiolaghi) and the supervision of works by architect Roberto Quaranta.